10 Ways to Breathe Life Back in Your Business #31

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You’re tired. Same battles, different day. You sit in front of the computer, blindly looking for inspiration. Your irritable and don’t want to hear anyone’s new ideas? You’re a jerk. Not exactly. You are close to “hitting the wall”, facing burnout and you need to break the cycle. It happens to everyone. Even the most talented, creative, inspirational and successful entrepreneurs. We take you on a journey of discovery. Talk about the symptoms and share the 10 Ways to Breathe Life Back in Your Business…

If your an intrapreneur and these tips did not help, you may need to look at how far off your current company is from being a company that can sustain you, energize and appreciate you. Here are some great guidelines on Dream Company traits from Harvard Business:http://hbr.org/2013/05/creating-the-b…

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