4 Lick Your Lips Lodi Reds #106

4 Lick Your Lips Lodi Reds

Most of us are very familiar with Napa and Sonoma, but did you know some of the largest suppliers of grapes to the Napa wineries are in Lodi, California?

What are the reasons for so many buying grapes from Lodi? Well, to name a few: the extraordinary growing conditions, the experience (growing grapes since the 1850’s) and the amazing fruit being produced. Lodi is a 2-hour drive from Marin County and it’s closer to Tahoe than to San Francisco.  In short – Lodi is country – quiet, off the traditional wine path and an extraordinary way to beat the crowds.

Find out what we love about Lodi reds from our fabulous friends at Oak Ridge Winery. These reds will give you pause in a very big way.

Do you have a favorite red wine from Lodi, CA?

Share it with us in the comments. We’d love to feature you!

Word of show is LODI.

Debra and Kelly

Debra’s Picks

Oakridge Winery * Old Soul Pure Red
Cabernet Base with Zin and Petit Sirah. Dark cherry, licorice, sassy spice, long velvety finish.02b08b41622777d080aee1b09ff240bb

Pair it with stuffed pumpkins with wild mushroom risotto & mascarpone. Note: this recipe calls for roasted duck, I did a quick and easy swap for something more complimentary. (PIN RECIPE)

Oakridge Winery * Old Soul Pinot
Noir Pinot and Zin. Big fruit from the Pinot & spicy blackberry from the Zin. Cherry zing with a floral on the nose. 

Pair it with an Asian-style pork belly w/ blood orange. (PIN RECIPE)

Kelly’s Picks

Oakridge Winery * Red
Zinfandel, Cab, Petite Sirah, & Merlot grapes. Blackberry & vanilla notes. Very light oak. The finish on your palate leaves you wanting. 2b50acaa28e5c344929f9783a2bcc562

Pair it with a Basil Marinara Mozzarella Pizza. This red is bold enough to add meat to the pizza, pepperoni or sausage. (PIN RECIPE)

Oakridge Winery *  Zinfandel
It’s jammy, raspberry notes and a little mocha & chocolate. The tannins are very well balanced and smooth. 

Pair this fabulous wine with Flap Steak, marinated with Maple Syrup, Soy Sauce & Balsamic Vinegar. (PIN RECIPE)

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