Kelly Mitchell, The Wine Siren

Planning the Perfect Wine Picnic #96

Planning the Perfect Wine Picnic We’re showing you how to put together the perfect picnic for yourself your loved one, your family. Wine begs special occasion, memorable celebrations and dictates all around fun. With summer ahead it’s time to prep for one of our favorite outdoor events, the celebrated wine picnic! Whether it’s a day… Read More »

Trendy Graduation Gifts #94

Graduation. It’s happy, it’s sad, it’s progress! The graduate in your life is excited about the future whether they be graduating from high school, college, med school or law school. They’ve invested untold hours, blood sweat and tears to get there and now are on the precipice of their next adventure. How do you give… Read More »

10 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home #92

It’s time to bring that outdoor brilliance into your living space. It’s been a heck of a winter and summer is finally here! It’s so beautiful outdoors and time to bring some rejuvenation into the living space. But where to start? How much to spend? What to do? You could go mad with the decisions… Read More »

From Crave to Crush: Living the Dream #88

  From Crave to Crush – Living the Dream It’s the turning point for us as co-founders and hitting the sweet spot in getting our goals aligned with our desires. We all have dreams. Some we’ve held close since we were little girls and others that came over time as we matured, lived and got… Read More »

What Is A Tweet Chat? #86

WHAT IS A TWEET CHAT? We get asked this question all the time, so it was time to have the conversation on the show! This episode shares several ideas on how to power up your marketing and amplify your message using a tweet chat. Twitter can give you more visibility and help you engage with… Read More »

Banishing The Control Freak #84

Aaaaahhhhhh!  We are a world of multi-taskers, overachievers and perfectionists. It’s a difficult place to live and thrive and can hold you back from the things you should be enjoying – like your growth, success and family. This episode we’re discussing 5 ways to banish your inner control freak by letting go, giving up some… Read More »

WOW Women on Wine: Change is in the Air at BreveTV

BreveTV and the WOW factor! You asked we listened! Based on popular demand BreveTV moves to Wednesdays at 6pm PT, 7pm MT, 8pm CT and 9pm ET beginning May 21st! Our focus is women (men you are always welcome) and we’ve determined including a glass of wine or taking the perspective of a relaxing attitude… Read More »

Google Plus for Business #44 #BreveTV

Google Plus is the newest addition to the burgeoning “social media” family of must plays. The landscape is a little more wild west, and superstars of this community are already popping up. When we talk about Community – G+ nails it. Find out how to be seen and heard, how to build your connections and how to… Read More »

Success Series: Life Hacks – The Ultimate Bottomline #40

Hacks to simplify life and make it a little easier on your road to success… We’re talking short cuts in business & leisure to help you cultivate peace of mind… Watch Show >>

Productivity Hacks & Tools #39 #BreveTV

We’re talking about productivity tools and hacks to save you time, make you more efficient and increase your productivity… Watch Show >>