Luxury Living On A Budget #89

Luxury Life on a Budget? You drive a Pinto but want a Bentley. Maybe you carry a Coach bag, but really want Chanel? 😉  Every time a top celeb gets a new couture outfit you swoon with envy or even cry in frustration.   You need tips and tricks that can make your life feel… Read More »

What Is A Tweet Chat? #86

WHAT IS A TWEET CHAT? We get asked this question all the time, so it was time to have the conversation on the show! This episode shares several ideas on how to power up your marketing and amplify your message using a tweet chat. Twitter can give you more visibility and help you engage with… Read More »

Climbing The Walls: Woes of Working from Home! #85

Working From Home You’ve longed to work from home and escape the constraints of Corporate America to create a better life for yourself and your family. You desire to determine your own schedule, embrace more balance at home – all while building a business you can be proud of, right? You did it. Now what?… Read More »

Banishing The Control Freak #84

Aaaaahhhhhh!  We are a world of multi-taskers, overachievers and perfectionists. It’s a difficult place to live and thrive and can hold you back from the things you should be enjoying – like your growth, success and family. This episode we’re discussing 5 ways to banish your inner control freak by letting go, giving up some… Read More »

Women with Drive: Non Profits That Matter #79

This show is all about sharing the story of Women With Drive Foundation. Kelly and Debra interview Molly Cantrell-Kraig – the founder of this amazing organization that provides women with a figurative and literal vehicle to their independence. Lots of storytelling, inspiration and plenty of laughter in this episode! What wine is in our glasses? In… Read More »

Bullseye on Your Back – Water Cooler Chats Gone Wild * Gossip vs Growth! #83

Success. We all strive for it whether it be small feats of fab or incredible achievements in work and life. We constantly change goals, morph ourselves into different levels and strive to stand out. Often our biggest challenge is the little voice in our heads. What about when your voice is quieted by another louder… Read More »

How To Influence The Influencer #82

In this episode, we talk about how to influence an influencer through meaningful communication and win-win connections…  to make this part of your strategy a winning formula! You know the drill–> Connect your message with the most influential and BAM! Instant success. Right? Ummmmmm…. Wellllllll?!  Perhaps on a blue moon occasion, but influencers can often… Read More »

Podcasting: Reinvent Your Marketing #81

In this episode – the table and mic are turned when Debra interviews Kelly! Kelly is the queen of reinvention… She has rocked 4 different industries and startup is her middle name. Her story of reinvention using podcasting will inspire you. If you have ever considered launching a podcast of your own – THIS is… Read More »

The @SkinnyBrands Story – Turning Passion Into Reality! #77

In this episode, we talk with Sherie Stevens about how she turned a dream into a reality, a passion into a company called Skinny Addictions.  Sherie, is a former fitness trainer who founded Skinny Addictions, a cookie company driven to create a healthier alternative to sugary sweets. What she shares: An insight into the entrepreneurial spirit… Read More »

Taking Your LOVE Jump w/ @KrystalTingle #78

This episode we are talking about LOVE. Upping your happiness quotient… We all want it, chase it, lust for it and covet it. It is elusive, rewarding and opens possibilities. In today’s world we don’t have to wait for it… we can JUMP IN like our guest Krystal Tingle of The Love Jump. The Love… Read More »