Adventures in Wine * @RaymondVineyard in #Napa!

Adventures in Wine : Napa & Sonoma Wine Tour

Champagne, reds, and whites – oh my! This summer, the Women On Wine community came together for our first #womenowine luxury coach heading to Raymond Vineyards from San Francisco!ever community outing – and it was even more fabulous than we could have ever fathomed.

Everyone put on their favorite summer wine tasting attire, and started the day off in Union Square, San Francisco where we were picked up by our friendly chauffeur from Napa Valley Tours & Transportation (NVT).

Ginger, our fabulous sponsor from Sindeo, came with sunglasses and adorable lip balms in hand – making sure we were ready for a day in the Napa and Sonoma Valley sun.

First stop, Raymond Vineyards.

After nibbling our way through the heart of San Francisco to the rolling hills of Napa on scones and muffins, we #womenonwine touring through the vines at Raymond Vineyards in Napa!arrived at our first destination, Raymond Vineyards. Our lovely guide first took us through the Theater of Nature – the largest educational exhibit on biodynamic farming in the Napa Valley. Here, we learned how everything in nature plays a crucial part in the crafting of quality wine. It was a truly beautiful and educational adventure  through this two acre masterpiece. And, at the end of it all we even had the chance to feed the vineyard goats. Yes, goats!

Next, she guided us into the Corridor of Senses. Where we experienced the color, smell and texture of divine wine in our glasses. First, the touch station where we were able to get a feel for how wine can have various textures on the palate. Then, our eyes were tantalized by the different shades of wine displayed on the wall and finally, we got a chance to put our nose to the test and smell the aromas.The Crystal Room at Raymond Vineyards #womenonwine

From there, we were guided through the Crystal Cellar. Stainless steel walls, a mirrored bar, color changing ‘grapes’ and a collection of historical crystal decanters from Baccarat all illuminated beneath a fabulously breathtaking Baccarat chandelier. We learned the important effect that aerating wine in a crystal decanter has on the pleasantly powerful cabernets that were poured into our glasses.

#womenonwine sipping in the RED ROOM at Raymond Vineyards in Napa!

Lovely ladies sipping bubbly in the Red Room at Raymond Vineyards!

With our tour of Raymond Vineyards coming to an end, and our tummies beginning to rumble, we were taken into quite possibly the best and most exclusive room that Raymond Vineyards has to offer – The Red Room. This velvet lined lounge is lit by even more Baccarat chandeliers and serves as the ultimate escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of the outside world.

If you are planning a visit, be prepared to call ahead and reserve this luxurious experience – as it is by appointment only!

Here, we nibbled on some much needed charcuterie and cheese plates and had some serious relaxation. Enjoying the art of conversation – wine in hand. Something everybody in business and wine deserves.

Did we mention the leopard print carpet and adjacent room with a pool table? Seriously, this room is to die for.

 Stay tuned for the experience through our next beautiful winery stop!


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