Pinot Noir and Nibbles #100

Pinot Noir and Nibbles

Pinot Noir spells Romance in the best sense of the word .

Whether Pinot Noir is your all around the year drink or your favorite light red we’re thrilled to help you pair it with lite bites and nibbles that will give you the most enjoyment for your palate.

In this episode, it’s about getting the most out of one of the most versatile wines on the planet and making the bottle of jammy fabulous juice deliver the best for you. 

“In water one sees one’s own face; But in wine one beholds the heart of another.” ~French Proverb

Word of show is PINOT.

Debra and Kelly

What wine is in our glasses?

In Debra’s Glass: MacMurray Vineyards * Pinot Noir
Before you give it mouth-to-mouth, let it breathe a bit! Pair it with arugula, apricot and pecan salad with
plank grilled salmon.

Twitter: @macmurrayranch

Favorite Pinot: Savage Grace Pinot Noir (@savagegracewine)

In Kelly’s Glass: Hahn Winery * Nick Hahn Pinot Noir
Notes of plum – cola on the nose. Beautiful black cheery and oak finish. Pair with a blackened ahi salad.

Twitter: @hahnwines

In Our Hands:


These fabulous ‘bling-ed out’ glasses we have in our hands were sent to us from Julianna Glass. These are made of crystal in Europe, Slovak Republic and every one is hand cut to perfection.

With collection names like ‘Marilyn’ and ‘Galaxy Spiral’, we cannot wait to get out hands on some more of these beauties.

Twitter: @julianna_glass

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The Founders and Your Hosts:

Kelly Mitchell * @KellyMitchell
The Wine Siren, Founder, WomenOnWine.TV
Founder, Author, and Voice of Agent Caffeine

Debra Trappen * @debra11
Founder, WomenOnWine.TV
Soul Tank Specialist * Author * Speaker at d11 consulting