Secrets of an Authentic Personal Brand #30

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Brand. It’s become the things agencies charge you for, mystify you with and create compelling points on. What your brand is ultimately is what people see you as. The emotion they come away with when engaging with you. The memories of that experience an indelible foot print in their minds. How can you control your personal brand? Can you set it up to be something you conceive of?  We’re joined in this episode by Bill Leider, Author of Brand Delusions.

We delve into these questions, situations and the secrets of what it takes to create an authentic personal brand.

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About Bill Leider:

Bill Leider has an extensive background in executive leadership, management and strategy consulting to a wide range of organizations, from Fortune 500′s to midsize and small entrepreneurial companies in a variety of industries.

During his more than thirty-five years of management and consulting he has most recently been the CEO of Real Estate Shows and is currently the CEO of Gravelnuts, LLC, the Chairman of Nexzus Publishing Group, LLC (publishers of The Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine), and heads William Leider and Associates, his consulting firm. He has held positions in industry as CEO, President, Executive Vice President and Vice President,Finance in publicly traded and privately owned mid-size companies. He has been involved in general management, marketing, sales, franchising, manufacturing, distribution and finance.

Some of his larger consulting clients have included: Toshiba, Oracle, Thermador, Vertis, KPMG Peat Marwick, Paramount Pictures and MGM.

Bill’s experience and success as a leader and a consultant have included an innovative approach to executable strategic planning, creatively assessing and strengthening Brands (which gave rise to “Brand Delusions”), developing Values conscious organizations, improving team effectiveness and communication, and implementing cultural change. His involvement has consistently improved the bottom lines of the organizations for which he has worked.

Bill received his BS degree in business from UCLA.

He has also served on the Board of the Los Angeles chapter of the Entrepreneurship Institute; he has taught the business planning course in the Fast Trac program at the University of Southern California (USC); and he is currently a regular guest lecturer in the Masters program at the Sol Price School of Public Policy at USC.