Wine BLAB: Travel Hacks #107

WATCH THE REPLAY Travel Hacks #wineblab This #TipsyTuesday, Debra and Kelly jumped on, wine in hand, and chatted about their favorite hacks and tips to make for a less stressful packing and traveling experience. Save time, save space, save sanity. What are your favorite travel hacks or tips? Share it with us in the… Read More »

4 Lick Your Lips Lodi Reds #106

4 Lick Your Lips Lodi Reds Most of us are very familiar with Napa and Sonoma, but did you know some of the largest suppliers of grapes to the Napa wineries are in Lodi, California? What are the reasons for so many buying grapes from Lodi? Well, to name a few: the extraordinary growing conditions, the… Read More »

Warming Up Your Home For Fall #105

Warming Up Your Home For Fall For Kelly personally, this is the first real fall she’s been through in close to 4 decades. Being from Hawaii, prep for fall meant nothing more than buying a pumpkin for Halloween and candy for trick or treaters. Debra’s favorite season by far is fall and getting ready for… Read More »

Podcasting: Reinvent Your Marketing #81

In this episode – the table and mic are turned when Debra interviews Kelly! Kelly is the queen of reinvention… She has rocked 4 different industries and startup is her middle name. Her story of reinvention using podcasting will inspire you. If you have ever considered launching a podcast of your own – THIS is… Read More »

The @SkinnyBrands Story – Turning Passion Into Reality! #77

In this episode, we talk with Sherie Stevens about how she turned a dream into a reality, a passion into a company called Skinny Addictions.  Sherie, is a former fitness trainer who founded Skinny Addictions, a cookie company driven to create a healthier alternative to sugary sweets. What she shares: An insight into the entrepreneurial spirit… Read More »

STAND TALL: The Power Of Knowing Your Value * #75

Have you ever been asked by someone you know to do what you do for a living – for them – for FREE?  Maybe for a cup of coffee or let’s do lunch so they can “pick your brain”? If this has ever happened to you – this episode is for YOU!  If you have ever… Read More »

SCREW HUMBLE: Embracing Your Magnificence Part Deux * #74

Each of us has greatness inside of us. The reality is, our fabulousness doesn’t burst out of us and make a difference without a conscious effort on our part. Tapping into our potential and unleashing our greatness will make a huge difference in our lives and on the lives we come into contact with. When… Read More »

C’est La Vie-Part Deux – 5 Happiness Tips #73

We are constantly navigating the turns and curves in life! Sharing 5 tips, trick, and truths to LIVE HAPPINESS – each and every day is what we are talking about in this episode. 1. Accept YOURSELF. Stop comparing yourself to others! 2. Stop the POOR ME dialogue Listen to hear 3-5… In Debra’s Glass: Earthstone… Read More »

Juggling Roles: An Interview with Krista Sweeney #72

Kelly and Debra chat with Krista Sweeney of Leading Brand Image. This episode is all about MADNESS and MAYHEM… and how to avoid it! Let the insanity begin… School, holidays, kids, running a business – the list goes on and on. No matter how organized you are this time of year can be crazy! Krista shares… Read More »

Fierce on Fashion: Inside Rent Frock Repeat * #71

This week our guest is the fabulously fierce fashionista–> Kristy Wieber. She is the Co-Founder and President of Rent frock Repeat!  Kristy, along with her business partner, are taking the fashion industry by storm and FLIPPING the concept of how to shop up-side-DOWN. She shares how the RFR idea was born, why working with a close… Read More »