Climbing The Walls: Woes of Working from Home! #85

Working From Home You’ve longed to work from home and escape the constraints of Corporate America to create a better life for yourself and your family. You desire to determine your own schedule, embrace more balance at home – all while building a business you can be proud of, right? You did it. Now what?… Read More »

Banishing The Control Freak #84

Aaaaahhhhhh!  We are a world of multi-taskers, overachievers and perfectionists. It’s a difficult place to live and thrive and can hold you back from the things you should be enjoying – like your growth, success and family. This episode we’re discussing 5 ways to banish your inner control freak by letting go, giving up some… Read More »

STAND TALL: The Power Of Knowing Your Value * #75

Have you ever been asked by someone you know to do what you do for a living – for them – for FREE?  Maybe for a cup of coffee or let’s do lunch so they can “pick your brain”? If this has ever happened to you – this episode is for YOU!  If you have ever… Read More »

How To “Work The Room” At A Cocktail Party! #76

  Most socialites and entrepreneurs love an invite to happy hour/cocktail party… however – walking into a room filled (mostly) with people you don’t know can be daunting.   For those occasions, knowing how to “rock (and work) the room” can make the difference between a wasted time and energy and an exceptional event that expands your… Read More »

Fierce on Fashion: Inside Rent Frock Repeat * #71

This week our guest is the fabulously fierce fashionista–> Kristy Wieber. She is the Co-Founder and President of Rent frock Repeat!  Kristy, along with her business partner, are taking the fashion industry by storm and FLIPPING the concept of how to shop up-side-DOWN. She shares how the RFR idea was born, why working with a close… Read More »

Inspiring Creative Invention. Dream-Focus-Achieve – #BreveTV #52

It was time to get REAL. Every so often things get stale. Sometimes it’s your look, sometimes it’s your message, and sometimes it simply because you’ve been doing the same thing far too long. This episode is about the inspiration of change, the attack of reinvention, when you take what you have, flip it, spin… Read More »

Success Series: Life Hacks – The Ultimate Bottomline #40

Hacks to simplify life and make it a little easier on your road to success… We’re talking short cuts in business & leisure to help you cultivate peace of mind… Watch Show >>