Celebrating Cabernet Day #102

Celebrating Cabernet We are celebrating Cabernet Sauvignon Day. One of our favorite days of the year! – but really, who needs a reason to celebrate divine wine? In the 17th century a Sauvignon Blanc grape was married to a Cabernet Franc grape. The result of the union? Cabernet Sauvignon grape. It’s thick skin protects the juices… Read More »

C’est La Vie-Part Deux – 5 Happiness Tips #73

We are constantly navigating the turns and curves in life! Sharing 5 tips, trick, and truths to LIVE HAPPINESS – each and every day is what we are talking about in this episode. 1. Accept YOURSELF. Stop comparing yourself to others! 2. Stop the POOR ME dialogue Listen to hear 3-5… In Debra’s Glass: Earthstone… Read More »

C’est La Vie – 5 Ways to Live Happiness as a Way of Life * #69

With a mutual love for all things French the gals felt it befitting to title this episode C’est La Vie, which means “That’s Life”. Our lives take magnificent curves. How we choose to deal with those curves can often dictate our levels of happiness. During this chat they share 5 Ways to Live Happiness as a Way of Life!… Read More »

BreveTV Episode 18: Valerie Alexander on Happiness as a 2nd Language

Join us as we venture into Happiness As a Second Language and the attributes that go along with making your life a happier place to exist. We talk about energy vampires, neuro-pathways, how to create a happier existence and the tools and techniques at focusing on making life more enjoyable.