Wine BLAB: Travel Hacks #107

WATCH THE REPLAY Travel Hacks #wineblab This #TipsyTuesday, Debra and Kelly jumped on, wine in hand, and chatted about their favorite hacks and tips to make for a less stressful packing and traveling experience. Save time, save space, save sanity. What are your favorite travel hacks or tips? Share it with us in the… Read More »

4 Lick Your Lips Lodi Reds #106

4 Lick Your Lips Lodi Reds Most of us are very familiar with Napa and Sonoma, but did you know some of the largest suppliers of grapes to the Napa wineries are in Lodi, California? What are the reasons for so many buying grapes from Lodi? Well, to name a few: the extraordinary growing conditions, the… Read More »

Warming Up Your Home For Fall #105

Warming Up Your Home For Fall For Kelly personally, this is the first real fall she’s been through in close to 4 decades. Being from Hawaii, prep for fall meant nothing more than buying a pumpkin for Halloween and candy for trick or treaters. Debra’s favorite season by far is fall and getting ready for… Read More »

The Glow of Grenache #104

The Glow of Grenache One of the world’s most widely grown grapes, grenache maintains mystery in the realm of today’s wine drinker. Until recently it was a celebrated grape. One of the most popular in the world. Because of the relatively low yield of Grenache, most growers shun it. But the low yield is responsible… Read More »

Pinterest for Business ll #49 #BreveTV

  In the last episode, Kelly and Debra laid the groundwork for Pinterest… including sharing why you should consider being there and some of the amazing history of the platform. During this episode they provide 7  Rules of Success for Pinterest.  They share their thoughts on building your network, how boards and pins work, what… Read More »

Pinterest For Business l #48 #BreveTV

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing and most visually enticing of all the social media networks.  In three short years, Pinterest has exploded in growth, in use, and in generating revenue for the benefit of the businesses using the platform. Kelly and Debra take you through the reasons Pinterest needs to be an integral… Read More »

BreveTV Episode 7: Pinterest – Socially Viable for Business

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing and most monetarily successful new social media innovators out there. Going from -0- to 10,400,000 users in just 2 years they’ve even out shown established players like Facebook. Find out which brands are making a killing on this outlet and how you can begin your strategy to make… Read More »