4 Lick Your Lips Lodi Reds #106

4 Lick Your Lips Lodi Reds Most of us are very familiar with Napa and Sonoma, but did you know some of the largest suppliers of grapes to the Napa wineries are in Lodi, California? What are the reasons for so many buying grapes from Lodi? Well, to name a few: the extraordinary growing conditions, the… Read More »

Warming Up Your Home For Fall #105

Warming Up Your Home For Fall For Kelly personally, this is the first real fall she’s been through in close to 4 decades. Being from Hawaii, prep for fall meant nothing more than buying a pumpkin for Halloween and candy for trick or treaters. Debra’s favorite season by far is fall and getting ready for… Read More »

Celebrating Cabernet Day #102

Celebrating Cabernet We are celebrating Cabernet Sauvignon Day. One of our favorite days of the year! – but really, who needs a reason to celebrate divine wine? In the 17th century a Sauvignon Blanc grape was married to a Cabernet Franc grape. The result of the union? Cabernet Sauvignon grape. It’s thick skin protects the juices… Read More »

Podcasting: Reinvent Your Marketing #81

In this episode – the table and mic are turned when Debra interviews Kelly! Kelly is the queen of reinvention… She has rocked 4 different industries and startup is her middle name. Her story of reinvention using podcasting will inspire you. If you have ever considered launching a podcast of your own – THIS is… Read More »

Inspiring Creative Invention. Dream-Focus-Achieve – #BreveTV #52

It was time to get REAL. Every so often things get stale. Sometimes it’s your look, sometimes it’s your message, and sometimes it simply because you’ve been doing the same thing far too long. This episode is about the inspiration of change, the attack of reinvention, when you take what you have, flip it, spin… Read More »

The Idea Lab: Adventures in Creativity #51 * #BreveTV

Getting creative and setting the stage for creativity is not rocket science, but it’s important to create an environment that inspires creativity.  We talk about getting in your creative zone can influence your work, your ability to innovate, and improve your outlook on your business and personal life.  We also share ideas on how to… Read More »