STAND TALL: The Power Of Knowing Your Value * #75

Have you ever been asked by someone you know to do what you do for a living – for them – for FREE?  Maybe for a cup of coffee or let’s do lunch so they can “pick your brain”? If this has ever happened to you – this episode is for YOU!  If you have ever… Read More »

Juggling Roles: An Interview with Krista Sweeney #72

Kelly and Debra chat with Krista Sweeney of Leading Brand Image. This episode is all about MADNESS and MAYHEM… and how to avoid it! Let the insanity begin… School, holidays, kids, running a business – the list goes on and on. No matter how organized you are this time of year can be crazy! Krista shares… Read More »

Interview w/ Carolyn Pearson of @Maiden_Voyage! #61

We had a fabulous chat with the woman behind Maiden-Voyage today, Carolyn Pearson! Carolyn Pearson knew there had to be a better way for women traveling alone to experience the journey. Women today travel far more than 20 years ago. It has become routine to many and screaming for improved experiences.  Imagine. You’re planning an… Read More »

The Women’s Code – Beate Chelette

  We kick it off May (aka Women’s Month) with a special guest, Author, Coach and Entrepreneur Beate Chelette! We’re discussing her new book: Happy Woman, Happy World: Time-Based Approach to Female Empowerment . This month is for us, ladies – and the men who support us in our ever complex role in society. Looking… Read More »

Inspiring Creative Invention. Dream-Focus-Achieve – #BreveTV #52

It was time to get REAL. Every so often things get stale. Sometimes it’s your look, sometimes it’s your message, and sometimes it simply because you’ve been doing the same thing far too long. This episode is about the inspiration of change, the attack of reinvention, when you take what you have, flip it, spin… Read More »