The Glow of Grenache #104

The Glow of Grenache

One of the world’s most widely grown grapes, grenache maintains mystery in the realm of today’s wine drinker.

Until recently it was a celebrated grape. One of the most popular in the world. Because of the relatively low yield of Grenache, most growers shun it. But the low yield is responsible for incredible flavor. These poor vines have it  so rough that the fruits and aromas of them turn out distinct and incredibly rich as the vines have to struggle for every ounce of nourishment in the dry heat they grow in.

As for Grenache Noir, it is one of the most important red wine grapes of Languedoc. Grenache Blanc makes interesting, if sometimes slightly thin white table wines all over the south of France. Some California winemakers are embracing this grape with enthusiasm and conjuring up remarkable wines. Grenache/Syrah/Mourvèdre the holy grail of wine in Europe. Fabulous blend for the quintessential red wines of southern Rhone including Châteauneuf-du-Pape…

Today, we are uncovering some the mystery that shrouds the grenache grape.

“Wines are like women in that it’s often the imperfections that fascinate.” ~ Sam Neill

Word of show is GRENACHE.

Debra and Kelly

What wine is in our glasses?

In Debra’s Glass:  Novelty Hill * 2010 Stillwater Creek Grenache7bd23a209f58be8ba68de54f4c7a0121
Black cherry, currant and spice (not too spicy, tho) Mellowed tannins and a long, sultry finish. Slow Cooked Beef (PIN RECIPE) or Lamb Daube Stew (PIN RECIPE)

Twitter: @nhjwines

Or try: Robert Ramsey * 2014 Grenache Blanc d’ Noir
Pair it with Lobster Risotto (PIN RECIPE)

Twitter: @rramsaycellars

In Kelly’s Glass: Shatter *  Grenache 2011fde76b1c96712c036a2edaddf4c473cd
Wild cherry aroma with very light oak, sensually smooth, strawberry & blackberry round out this incredibly versatile wine. Pair it with Butternut Squash Gnocchi with Sage Brown Butter (PIN RECIPE)

Twitter: M.I.A.

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